Colloid mill

Colloid mill

Colloid Mill Works With Shearing, Grinding High-Speed Stirring Grinding Process Occurs In The Relative Movement Between The Two Teeth With One Revolving In High Speed And Another Still, Which Makes The Material Between The Teeth Receive Strong Shearing And Abrasion In Addition To High Frequency Vibration And High Speed Swirl. The Above Forces Effectively Evenly Disperse, Emulsify, Smash The Material.

The range of uses:
1. Food industry: dairy products,chocolate,nuts,soya sauce,jam,peanut butter,cream drinks and so on.
2. Chemical industry:pigment,lubricating oil,spices,dye,emulcified asphalt,emulcified rubber,catalyst,paint coating and so on.
3. Pharmaceutical industry: cod- liver oil,confidentiality,athletes cream,queen bee,pollen and so on.
4. Daily chemical industry:shoeshine,toothpaste,cosmetics,balsam,soap,detergent and so on.
5. Other indurties: construction industry,paper making industry,plastic industry,battery industry and so on.

The paste grinder is the processing machine for colloidal products. It has functions of cracking, cutting, milling, mixing, etc. After processing, the granularity can be 2-50um, the homogeneity is above 90%. It is the ideal processing machine for paste products production.



Food industry:
aloe vera, Pollen, pineappie, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream,Moon cake stuffing, butter, jam, fruit juice, soybeans, soybean Paste, red bean, peanut milk, proteit milk, soy milk, dairy Products, wheat milk essence, flavor, variety of drinks, chicken Mud, pig and other animal hides.

Chemical industry:
Paints, pigments, dyes, paints, lubricants, grease,Diesel, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, adhesives,Detergents, plastics, explosives, glass, steel, leather, Emulsion explosives.

Daily Chemical:
Toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics,Bath essence, soap, balsam etc..

Pharmaceutical industry:
All kinds of syrup, nutrition, medicinal paste Pharmaceutical, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal Jelly, vaccines, various creams, a variety of oral, injection,Intravenous fluid, pancreatic enzyme preparations, emulsions, Etc..


Features and advantages:

It combines a homogenizer, ball mill, three roll machine, shearing machines, mixers and other machinery of a variety of performance, with excellent ultra grinding, emulsification, homogenization, mixing and other effects.

Materials through processing, the particle size of 2 to 50 microns, more than 90% homogeneity, is the ideal equipment for processing of ultrafine particles



Model Power (KW) Speed (rpm/min)


Output (T/h)


Inlet Diameter


Onlet Diameter


JML-50 1.5 2800 0.01-0.1 30 20
JMF-50 1.5 2800 0.01-0.1 30 20


1.5 2800 0.02-0.5 30 20
JMF-65 2.2 2800 0.02-0.5 30 20
JMW-80 3 2800 0.3-1 48 25
JML-80 3 2800 0.3-1 48 25
JMF-80 4 2800 0.3-1 48 25
JMW-100 5.5 2800 0.5-2 66 25
JML-100 5.5 2800 0.5-2 66 25
JMF-100 7.5 2800 0.5-2 66 25
JMW-120 7.5 2800 0.5-3 66 32
JML-120 7.5 2800 0.5-3 66 32
JMF-120 7.5 2800 0.5-3 66 32
JMW-140 7.5 2800 0.5-4 66 32
JML-140 7.5 2800 0.5-4 66 32
JMF-140 11 2800 0.5-4 66 32
JMF-180 15 2800 1-7 100 38
JMF-200 18.5 2800 1-10 100 38

Colloid mill 

Colloid mill Colloid mill Colloid mill


1. With export standard bubble film packaging, then for wooden case packaging for alone beer tanks and less brewery equipment.-LCL shipping.
2. If more tanks or complete set of brewery, with bubble film packaging, the for containers for FCL shipping.
3. By bulk carrier or independent containers, the size and quantity rely on the configurations and capacity.

Our Certificate

We have been sold a large great number of brewing equipment to Euro, and USA, and other countries.
There brewing equipment are adopted stainless steel 304/316L, and have passed the ISO CE PED TUV Certificate, and other pressure certificate.
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